Riverside Lunch

by thesoontobemurrys

I love burgers. I love french fries.

I had a cheeseburger and french fries at Riverside Lunch on the corner of Meade and E. High. And yes, it is open for dinner and it is delicious. A heads up (’cause I always need a reminder) you can smoke inside in Virginia and Riverside Lunch is no exception. The burgers were awesome and somehow magically flat and still delicious. The diner-type building has been open since 1935 and totally looks the part. A cheeseburger is $3.00, a bacon cheeseburger (Charlie’s choice) is $3.60, and a basket of fries is $3.40. Each topping costs extra (we think) and the burgers come with nothing unless you ask. They also serve hot dogs, cheesesteaks, fish sandwiches, onion rings, and they had good beer specials. You seat yourself and then pay up at the register.

We were a little surprised at the total bill of $17 and change – which is how we came to the conclusion that all toppings are an additional cost – but it was delicious and totally worth it.

We loved it.