Si Tapas

by thesoontobemurrys

We finally made it across the street to Si Tapas. The decor is super fun and the lights are extra dim…I mentioned to Charlie that I think this place would be really fun for a rehearsal dinner or small casual reception.

About the food: Charlie and I, being the food junkies that we are, ordered the most food out of everyone. While it is a tapas place, the servings are actually pretty large. We ordered the mussels, grilled asparagus, avocado fries, empanadas, and the carne tacos. Definitely a good variety and more than enough food. The mussels were a little bit bland but still very good and the bowl was huge. The asparagus was actually more blackened and that gave it a fun twist. Avocado fries were without a doubt my favorite selection of the evening. They were a little warm, very creamy, and had a very light breading around them. Really fun. The empanadas were my second favorites. They had a little kick to them, which I liked and the sauce they were served with was really interesting – kind of vinegar-y. And then there were the tacos – yum. I think there were 3 empanadas (smaller in size) and 3 small tacos. There was plenty of asparagus and it seemed like the avocado fries was just one avocado cut up.

Other hits at the table: Kulli had brussel sprouts and loved them. They looked a little crispy and she said they had a little kick to them – maybe wasabi? There was an order of the mushrooms that was well received. The massive olive sampling was fabulous if you like olives. The chicken kababs was a full meal in itself with rice on the side. The fish tacos looked amazing. I think everyone was really pleased.

Note: It seems like shell fish is not their specialty (we do live in Charlottesville) but it is still very good.

The drinks: Pomegranate mojitos were flowing freely and were highly recommended and many people enjoyed their own tumblers of wine. Word is the sangria is awesome and getting a carafe would be well worth it.

Next stop is the Is Venue upstairs. The music sounded fabulously fun.