by thesoontobemurrys

So, if you move to Charlottesville, I’m almost positive someone along the way has mentioned Arch’s delicious frozen yogurt. I crave this stuff regularly – especially the Vanilla Bean with ooey Gooey Brownies on top (don’t worry – no salmonella). The Vanilla Bean is key. I had No-Frill Vanilla this time and it just wasn’t the same. We decided to check out their regular food menu at the Emmet Street location for dinner tonight. Charlie and I walked out totally stuffed and wondering how Arch’s would fit into our long list of sandwich favorites. Let me tell you, they are up there and have definitely earned bonus points for the frozen yogurt option post sandwich. We both picked sandwiches served on sub rolls which were then grilled – really a cool twist that I haven’t seen before. The grilling wasn’t a typical Quizno’s type of grilling. It was almost panini style without the grease. The ingredients seemed very fresh and the place was packed. It did take a little while to get the food but it was worth it. The salads looked awesome too. Also – Monday night special – free chips and a drink when you order a sandwich – perk #2! I think Tuesday’s special is similar but with a salad order.