The Local

by thesoontobemurrys

Dinner Club #3’s trip was out to Belmont to visit The Local. I had heard great things about it and figured most of the Econ kids don’t get out to Belmont very often. We set up a reservation for 12 and got ourselves ready for a night out.

Unfortunately, we waited over an hour and a half for dinner to come out. Thank goodness there was good company and we kept ourselves entertained – but I think an hour and a half is a little too much. When the food finally came out, people weren’t as impressed as I thought they would be. 4 people ordered the spare ribs and while the presentation was fun (individual dutch ovens for each) there was nothing to write home about. The trout came with bones in it and the skin on (totally fine but unexpected) and I had a pasta dish I could’ve made in my own kitchen. The food was by no means bad, but I was a little disappointed since I had heard such great things and it didn’t seem like the food warranted the prices they were charging. The only dish that got a rave review was the Carbonara. Surprising!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is really cool and Charlie and I decided that we could be the fun couple who go to nice restaurants just to sit at the bar. The Local will be added to that list.