by thesoontobemurrys

We took the Dinner Club to Maya for their $12 Tuesday special a couple weeks ago. I love being able to walk to these restaurants. It makes the evening so much more fun and more of an event. You aren’t just hopping in a car, eating, and heading back home – there’s more to it somehow when you walk (and I guess it’s good for you too). Back to Maya – The $12 Tuesday menu is somewhat limited but from what I could tell, you can’t go wrong with anything. Maya’s menu is not Mexican or southwestern like I had imagined (good research on my part) but it is southern comfort food – delicious. I had the chicken fried chicken (I just had to) with collard greens and mac and cheese (yummmm) as my sides – definitely not a light dinner. Charlie had ribs with green beans and masked potatoes. If you know Charlie at all he is a major green bean and potato eater. Other vegetables rarely enter his repetoire. He claims the green beans were the best he has ever had and the mashed potatoes were excellent. The atmosphere of Maya is casual, relaxed, and not at all stuffy. Word is that they have great live music and delicious martinis. I think we’ll be back!