by thesoontobemurrys

So, we live right behind the Main Street Market (which is fabulous) and recently discovered Feast! – a gourmet deli and grocery store. Their prosciutto mozzarella sandwich is now my new favorite lunch item. While the deli closes at 3:00pm, there are fresh pre-made sandwiches available. The sandwich I had had proscuitto, fresh mozz. slices, a roasted tomato spread and fresh basil on an ABC baguette. It was surprisingly light and fulfilling. The fresh limeade is also delish.

Charlie had been there before and bought an italian sandwich. He says it was “mmmm delicious”.

While the sandwiches are a big hit in our house, the groceries are somewhat pricey. We bought a chunk of cheddar that is quite good, but cost more than a comparable cheddar at the traditional grocery store. Charlie bought a last minute carton of eggs one evening, and while organic and from a farm nearby, they were double the price of organic eggs at the grocery store.

Check out the sandwiches (around $8 each) and enjoy the cute and fresh atmosphere.