Charlottesville cops

by thesoontobemurrys

This weekend, there was a little incident in our neighborhood. One of our neighbors had a little too much to drink and could not get into his house at the end of the night. Assuming someone was in the house, Teddy (what we will call him here) became outraged that no one would let him in to his “own g’damn house”. Teddy paced around the yard, yelling and calling people on his phone to continue his tirade. We live behind an impound lot and there are guard dogs that are let out every evening. These dogs whine or bark all night and Teddy decided to give them a talking to. After his dog lecture and his pounding on the windows and yelling for about 10 minutes, Teddy decided to break down the front door (which is made of glass) with a porch chair. One of our neighbors had called the cops who arrived just as Teddy dove through the front door. He even bolted the front door in order to evade the 5 policemen who raced up the walk – they stepped through the shattered doorframe. After a little scuffle and some very funny conversations, Teddy was escorted, barefoot, in handcuffs, to jail.
The point of this post is not to “out” our neighbor or make fun of what really was a hysterical situation, but rather to comment on the professionalism of the Charlottesville cops. If I ever get arrested, I hope it is in Charlottesville by the cops who showed up nextdoor. Each cop, after realizing the situation was not dangerous, called another cop just to see and laugh at what was happening. They reenacted the arrest, calling our friend Teddy “ol’ Tubby” and continued asking Teddy questions just to laugh at his answers. They asked him his name over and over again and Mr. Teddy would not tell them – but he would give them an ID number repeatedly. The cops picked up some mail and got his name quite easily.

After his drunk in public charge and a night in jail, it turns out Teddy had his keys on him the whole time.