by thesoontobemurrys

We got Chinese take-out the other night from AsianExpress. It’s on Main St. close to the hotels and Amtrak station. We have to agree with the rating given in “The Best of Charlottesville” – the food was good and pretty cheap. I am big fan of lo-mein and AsianExpress made it really well. They also serve sushi – which we’ll have to try next time.

There seem to be a wealth of Asian restaurants around, from cheap takeout to more upscale pan-Asian or Indian. Hopefully we can find a Thai place as good as our favorite place in DC (Regent Thai), but that is a very high standard. I think next up for Asian is another visit to BANG! or a visit to one of the Indian places on the mall. But in the meantime, AsianExpress will probably become our go-to cheap take-out place.