Sandwich shops

by thesoontobemurrys

Take it Away – behind the Corner on Elliewood (near some fun bars) is a small sandwich shop. While the menu only lists simple deli meat options, what makes the sandwich is the awesome house dressing – don’t get a sandwich without it and if you do, at least get it on the side. The shop offers sprouts, cucs, and watercress as your sandwich toppings (no traditional tomato, lettuce, onions) and you do have the option to add cheese. Don’t forget to pick a fun bread option! With toppings a sandwich will run you about $6. Probably my favorite sandwich shop in a while. There are some seats inside and you have the option to bring your lunch to the grounds right across the street.

The Market at Exxon – Up 29 is an Exxon gas station (prices for gas aren’t too bad either) with a little white shop that sells wonderful sandwiches. You can get the Thomas Jefferson that has a great herbed mayo, cranberry sauce and turkey. There is also The Birdwood that has turkey, avocado and chipotle mayo. The combos sound a little funny bute every sandwich I have had there so far has been great! Sandwiches run about $6.50 and don’t forget to get a frequent buyer card that allows you a free sandwich after purchasing 5. There are even seats inside so you can enjoy your “pit-stop”. There is another “The Market” on Ivy Rd. on the right as you head west out of Charlottesville towards Crozet.