by thesoontobemurrys

Betsy was out of town on Tuesday night, and I went to a place called BANG! with some friends near the downtown mall. We sat out on the porch, which was very nice. The menu is Asian fusion. I had the “Sixty Second Sirloin” and also tasted some of the food my friends ordered. The sirloin was excellent, but the Chicken Satay was a little dry and flavorless. For the most part everybody loved their food and had a good time. The one strange thing is that the average plate size was a little between a normal entree and a tapas style plate, and it seemed that there was a lot of variation in plate size. Where in a tapas place I would usually order 3 or 4 plates, I think ordering 2 plates is about right at BANG! The atmosphere was very nice, especially out on the front porch where we sat. I will definitely bring Betsy back here because I want to try some of the appetizers and more of the entrees, especially their take on Thai cuisine, and also because the atmosphere was great.